About Us

Cut Form LLC is here for your precision cutting needs! We are a full service production company specializing in high volume fabric cutting and pattern digitizing in Dallas, Texas.

Services Offered:

Fabric Cutting Service

Pattern Digitizing Service

Contract Sewing Service / Sewing Contractor

Apparel Sewing Service

High Volume Cutting Machine Service

Pattern Grading Service


A Brief History:

Cut Form LLC was the product of a business strategy Ryan Joaquim and his mother developed when trying to figure out how to grow Cheers Etc Inc.

When Ryan graduated from University of North Texas in 2009, there was a crashing economy but the business was growing.

Without many job prospects, the family company provided an opportunity to learn how small business really works and see if there was a way to grow. As luck would have it, the building Cheers occupied sold and forced his family to think fast. With a little bit of investment money available, Ryan decided to take the leap and buy an automated cutting and pattern digitizing system. By supporting the growth Cheers Etc was experiencing under the name Cut Form LLC, the cutting service was also marketed publicly for soft goods cutting and manufacturing. He never knew just how important the cutting service would be for many companies around the US. There was a lot of technical knowledge acquired and relationships made along the way but Cheers Etc and Cut Form LLC were bursting at the seams in the 6000 sqft building in Richardson, Texas. 

In 2017 Cheers Etc and Cut Form LLC that moved into a 10,000 sqft building in Garland, Texas where growth could have the space to happen.

Since then Cut Form LLC has utilized its new square footage for sewing and distribution of leather, webbing, and plastic hardware!

By partnering with leather producers around the world and one of the oldest webbing manufacturers in the USA, Cut Form LLC is positioned to become a leading brand for supplies and services for companies big and small.

Ryan Joaquim is an entrepreneur with a passion for exciting ideas. When there's an opportunity that works in the ethos of Cut Form LLC, he seizes it. 

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