Working with us

Prepare your patterns:

  1. Patterns should be labeled face up with style #, material, grain direction for marker layout.
  2. Patterns for leather can be noted for quality zones restrictions. For example, a letter system of A, B, X can be used to note quality. A being the best, B being the second best, and X to avoid entirely. Mark the hides with a grease pen for those areas.
  3. We recommend all patterns be created so no duplication or mirroring is necessary, otherwise we offer a CAD service to fix them for you.
  4. You may email your patterns in a DXF format. If conversion is necessary, please be aware that a conversion fee may apply.

Order Submission & Tracking:

  1. Email a Purchase Order or we will generate a sales order for you explaining material, qty, patterns style numbers involved.
  2. Google Sheets – We use this platform to organize your orders so that you are updated on the progress. This includes order date, Style Number, Material, quantity and order status fields. Modifications can be made to the format so it is tailored to our working relationship. This format is streamlined and live when we are cutting. You can observe our progress as we update a spread sheet on Google Sheets. This keeps us transparent to you and allows us to establish a high level of trust that we strive to achieve with all of our clients.
  3. Have style numbers assigned and organized in a word document or spreadsheet.

About Cutting Cost:

  1. Typical time to cut a 25 square foot leather hide with setup and take down is 20-40 minutes. There only rare cases where a cut job takes longer than this but it all depends on how intricate your pattern is and how many blemishes or areas we need to mark in the cutting system.
  2. Cutting a whole table worth of material usually takes about 10-20 minutes depending on material handling difficulty, marker making efficiency setup, material spreading, and bundling.
  3. We prorate per 15 minute after the first hour is met.
  4. We can price per piece or per set if minimums on quantity is met (200-500 units)

CAD and Digitial Pattern Making:

  1. See our CAD Services page for pricing
  2. You can submit your drawing and have us make it digitally.
  3. CAD time is charged whenever we need to do pattern work such as new product development, grading, making a pattern cut ready (cleanup).