What we do:

We manufacture for wholesale and retail companies that specialize in apparel and leather products. Our core business services is pattern making, leather and fabric cutting, warehousing, computer aided design, and supply chain management. No matter the size of our clients, we help them reach the capacities and turnaround time they need at a price they can afford. The larger your orders, the more savings there are. If you need to backup your patterns or use just our cutting service, let us know how we can service your company!

Why we opened shop:

Coming from first hand experience growing up around small business apparel manufacturing that has manufactured drill team uniforms in north Texas for nearly 40 years, the demand for automation and computer driven pattern making became so overwhelming that I couldn’t see our company fall behind the market’s demands in the high school dance world. I invested everything I had in savings to acquire our cutting and CAD equipment to not just patch the hole in our cutting capacity but to also bring us into a new path of growth. It worked but not without sacrifice and mastering the technology and production changes inherent in the business. Now we want to bring what we have mastered, to you, so let us work together on making your production happen.

In the modern age of manufacturing, wholesaler and retailers demand to have their sources close to home, English speaking, and ready to execute at a moments notice. We get it – so let’s do it!

We aide apparel, leather, and upholstery businesses

rapidly cut out designs and expertly guide during the construction process.

We also offer sewing, digitizing, and sample making services.

The most important aspect of any apparel or leather crafting business is staying true to your designs and getting your product out to market as quickly as possible.

Cut Form has the technology to utilize any material shape you may have

Scrap, leather hide, abstract shapes and cut the pattern designs you need with rapid pattern digitizing services.

Provide the material, cutting instruction, and the patterns (digital or physical)

– we will do the rest.